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I was born in the midlands in 1970, becoming part of a close family network. I didn't start writing horror stories until I was seven, something about peoples stomachs exploding. Everybody laughed and I stopped showing people my stories; I didn't understand the concepts of nervous laughter, or dark comedy. I didn't stop writing, I just made it private. I suppose by that process I was able to write freely, with only my own sensitivity to challenge and, over time, numb. Meanwhile, in the real world, my spelling difficulties had me labelled as dyslexic and in 1981 I traded the pen for pencil and started expressing myself through visual art, drawing on my written imaginings. Though my skills as an artist became noteworthy, I was never really comfortable with the discipline and didn't pursue it as a career. In 1998 I moved to Bristol with my wife and, thanks to the invention of spell checker, found employment as a writer of training packages, user manuals and product guides. It seemed silly not to write fiction again.



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