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Ed Bear Versus... (Paperback and Kindle)


“Wonderfully twisted.” —Jo Elms (Book lover)


“The imagery and mood are well written throughout.” —Zoe Liegh (Artist)


“Exciting, funny, & full of adventure.” —Spike Pepper (Gamer)


“I’ve been in love with Ed Bear for over a year.” —Brookelynne Warra (Author)


Can you imagine the consequences of breaking the most important promise you have ever made? Neither can Ed Bear—a promise is a promise. He can't have LOST Emily; she MUST be there, somewhere, in that stained and twisted land at the end of the pipe. He just has to keep looking.


Ed Bear is brave, determined, and, above all, reliable. He's not very bright though, so he will need help if he’s to survive this fast flowing, action-packed adventure. There are twists, dark places, some surprises—many of them sticky, and smelly, but I’m sure you’ll make it.


Yeah—I reckon you'll handle it just fine.



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Day Two Dawns (Kindle Only)

"Epic in its scope... real richness... great characters."

David Brinson


"A fantastically enjoyable action-packed thriller from an exciting new writing talent. From the moment I opened it, I was drawn right in to the characters' journey and, frankly, a bit scared. Lock your doors and windows and enjoy the ride..."

Brooke Warra


Dragging you out of your comfort zone, into scenes of explicit violence, sex and bloody gore from the start, Day Two Dawns is a compelling and thought provoking apocalypse adventure that will test your sensitivity to the end.


Read the sample chapters. See if you've got what it takes to join a post room worker with a questionable past and a canteen cashier with a treacherous plan, struggling and choking through horror and psychological turmoil, pitting their wits against ever changing logic and odds, in a city transforming between reality and nightmare. All they want to do is save lives... Their own, if no one else's.


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Dreemen Stories Day Two Dawns
Scary Dreemen PROLOGUE

PROLOGUE (Kindle Only)


I wanted to explore how my version of the apocalypse might play out in my own home, and how a coarse representation of my family would deal with it. To be fair, they surprised me.


Prologue is a graphic novel, produced completely on iPhone 4, as a precursor to Day Two Dawns.


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The books below were written and produced by independent self publishers.

Dead South


I found this book gripping and thrilling to read. It cut at the things that are most important to me, my compassion, morality and sense of being a good man, then it poured vinegar into the wounds.


Fast paced zombie action hits people you can relate to.


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Oona: A Fairy Tale


A dark fairy tail, both modern and classical (In the truest sense).


I really enjoyed reading Oona. The simple fairy tale language, describing despicable horrors, kindled my imagination quickly and held my attention throughout. Under the skin, this story depicts genuine atrocities we can all relate to, as all good fairy tales should.


A great lunch break read.


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